Use cases of Digital Experience Blueprints

Which of these use cases are important to your business? Discover which Digital Experience Blueprints address your business goals.

Use Case Blueprint Category
Perform anonymous digital audience targeting and personalization. Anonymous Audience Activation Audience & Profile Activation
Build audiences for targeting on supported advertising networks.
Audience targeting for known audiences on social and advertising destinations. Known Customer Activation
Online personalization with online and offline attributes.
Activate audiences to known channels, such as email and SMS.
Profile and audience activation to cloud storage destinations, or streaming destinations for enterprise tracking, storage, analysis, and activation of customer data and insights. Activation to Enterprise Destinations
Personalize and target across customer interaction channels powered by Experience Cloud. Activation with Experience Cloud Applications
Share audience and profile data between Experience Platform and Experience Cloud applications.
Provide deeper consumer context to agent-supported interactions, such as support and sales experiences. Using the profile lookup into Experience Platform, agents can receive more context on the consumer, such as recent purchases, campaign interactions, propensities, audience memberships, and other attributes and insights that are stored in the real-time customer profile. Customer Activity Hub
Analyze customer interactions across desktop and mobile to understand customer behavior and extract insights to optimize digital customer experiences. Cross Channel Customer Journey Analytics
Analyze customer interactions across channels, including digital and offline channels such as support interactions and in-store purchases to better understand and optimize the customer journey.
Analyze customer behavior before customers contact support. Call Deflection
Discover opportunities to improve self-service capabilities.
Scheduled email campaigns. Campaign Managed Cloud Services Customer Journeys
Onboarding and re-marketing campaigns.
Triggered messages. Journey Optimizer
Registration confirmations.
Shopping cart and application form abandons.
Location triggered messages.
Data Prep & Ingestion Data Collection & Preparation
Collect data from web or mobile using a single collection tag, lightening code weight on client browsers and apps. Propagate the collected data to various endpoints for a single source of data collection. AEP Collection Enterprise (Event Forwarding)
Forward collected data to partner applications or data storage locations for building insights and applications against the collected data.
Web SDK Data Collection
Interactive query and aggregation of data. Data Analysis & Intelligence Data Analytics, Intelligence, & ML
Row and column access to ingested data for exploration and validation.
Dashboarding and visualization of data via Business Intelligence tooling.
Extract insight and discover patterns from customer data in Experience Platform. Train and score models from this data. Customer Data Science for Profile Enrichment
Enrich the Real-time Customer Profile with model driven insights and attributes for more granular personalization and optimized journeys.
Train and Score models to determine customer insights such as customer lifetime value, propensity to convert or churn, product and content affinities, and engagement scores.
Landing page optimization. Behavioral Personalization Web & Mobile Personalization
Behavioral targeting.
Personalization based on prior product/content views, product/content affinity, environmental attributes, third-party audience data, and demographics.
Landing page optimization. Online/Offline Personalization
Behavioral and offline profile targeting.
Personalization based on prior product/content views, product/content affinity, environmental attributes, third-party audience data, and demographics in addition to offline insights such as transactions, loyalty and CRM data, and modeled insights.

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