Customer Journeys

Customer Journeys addresses the ability for brands to proactively engage and communicate with their customers through channels such as email, SMS, and mobile alerts. Orchestration tools can also be integrated with other interaction channels such as with inbound channels for web/mobile personalization by sharing audience state with the other channel specific decision engines. A number of factors go into what applications and deployment options should be used for Customer Journeys but it can be summed up in two different approaches: react to a customer as they engage (triggered) OR react to a group of customers as they engage (scheduled).

Blueprint Description Experience Cloud Applications
Adobe Campaign
  • Execute scheduled and batch messaging campaigns using Adobe Experience Platform as a central hub for customer profiles and segmentation
  • Real-time Customer Data Platform
  • Adobe Campaign Classic, Managed Services, or Campaign Standard
  • Supported third-party messaging provider
Journey Optimizer
  • Execute triggered and streaming messaging using Adobe Experience Platform as a central hub for streaming data, customer profiles and segmentation, with Journey Orchestration for streaming journey orchestration and message delivery
  • Adobe Experience Platform
  • Journey Optimizer

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