Real-Time CDP with Adobe Campaign v8 integration pattern

Showcases how the Adobe Experience Platform and its Real-Time Customer Profile and centralized segmentation tool can be utilized with Adobe Campaign to deliver personalized conversations.


  • Adobe Experience Platform Real-Time CDP
  • Adobe Campaign v8


Reference architecture for the Batch Messaging and Adobe Experience Platform integration pattern


  • Customer must be provisioned for Experience Cloud with a valid IMS Org
  • Adobe Experience Platform and Campaign are recommended to be provisioned in the same IMS Org for single login URL
  • Customer must be provisioned V8 instance of Campaign
  • Customer must be eligible and have access for RTCDP, Sources, Destinations.
  • Adobe Campaign product context must exist

Implementation steps

Refer to the following documentation on configuring the Campaign v8 source connector to Adobe Experience Platform and the Real-time Customer Data Platform destination connector to Campaign v8.
Campaign and AEP Connectors


Adobe Campaign

  • Refer to the Campaign source connector documentation - Campaign Source Connector
  • Only supports Adobe Campaign single organizational unit deployments
  • Adobe Campaign is source of truth for all active profiles meaning profiles must exist in Adobe Campaign and new profiles should not be created based on Experience Platform segments.

Experience Platform Real-time Customer Data Platform segment sharing

  • Refer to the RTCDP Campaign Destination connector - RTCDP Campaign Connection
  • Recommendation of 50 segment limit
  • Note that segment membership realization from AEP is latent for both batch (1 per day) and streaming (~5 min) and based on segment evaluation schedule.
  • The activation latency is 3 hours minimum
  • Only union schema attributes available for activation (no support for array/maps/experience events)
  • Recommendation on no more than 20 attributes per segment
  • One file per segment of all profiles with “realized” segment membership OR if segment membership is added as an attribute in the file both “realized” and “exited” profiles
  • Incremental and full segment exports are supported
  • File encryption is not supported
  • See profile and data ingestion guardrails for AEP - Link

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