Customer Journey Analytics

Customer Journey Analytics shows how brands can unify customer data and behavior from various interaction channels and sources to create a journey-based view of all customer interactions. Reporting and analysis can be performed in the Customer Journey Analytics application service to evaluate and gain insight into customer interaction and behavior patterns.

Common analyses include:

  • Top/bottom converting paths
  • Channel engagement and conversion
  • Top viewed content
  • Top Categories and products
  • What campaigns resulted in conversion and increased engagement
  • Tool usage analysis to optimize self-service experiences

A full list of Customer Journey Analytics use cases can be found in the Customer Journey Analytics documentation found here.

Example primary use cases included the following.

Blueprint Description Experience Cloud Applications
Cross Channel Journey Analysis
  • Have a single consolidated view of customer behavior across various channels by unifying data from various web, mobile, and offline properties.
  • Adobe Experience Platform
  • Customer Journey Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics (optional)
Call Deflection Journey Analysis
  • Determine what behaviors are most indicative in resulting in agent assisted calls by bringing Call Center data together with web, mobile, and other interaction data.
  • These insights can then be used to optimize the customer experience and reduce the path to agent assisted interactions through optimized self-service content and tooling.
  • Adobe Experience Platform
  • Customer Journey Analytics

Guardrail diagram for Customer Journey Analytics Blueprints

Guardrail diagram

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