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Here are various links to pertinent articles/videos to help you get up and running with Bizible!


General Knowledge





Here are a couple of videos to help you get up to speed:

Bizible 101 (~30 minutes)

This course series is designed as a general introduction to the basic concepts you’ll need to know to master Bizible. It provides an introduction to the concept of attribution, what Bizible does as a tool, and the general framework on which Bizible operates.

Topics covered:

  • What is Attribution
  • What is Bizible
  • Bizible Data
  • Touchpoints
  • Attribution Models

Bizible Reporting in SFDC (30-45 minutes)

This course series is designed as an introduction to the Bizible stock reports that have been installed into Salesforce. These reports act as the foundation for most reporting you’ll do with Bizible data.

Topics covered:

  • Leads by ID Report
  • Leads by Channel Report
  • Leads/Contacts (Bizible Persons) by ID Report
  • Leads/Contacts (Bizible Persons) by Channel Report
  • Opportunities by ID Report
  • Opportunities by Channel Report

Channel Management

This course covers various ways that you can customize Bizible, in terms of online and offline tracking. This course is more advanced, and may not be relevant to all users.

Topics covered:

  • Online Channel Setup
  • Creating and Editing Online Channel Rules
  • Mapping Salesforce Campaigns to Channels
  • Campaign and Campaign Member Fields
  • Offline Channel Management

Here are all beginner E-Learning videos.

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