Set Up Marketo Connection

Here’s how to set up your connection to Marketo.


You must have these specific permissions set up:

  • Read-Only Activity
  • Read-Only Activity Metadata
  • Read-Only Assets
  • Read-Only Campaign
  • Read-Only Person
  1. In Bizible, click the My Account drop-down and select Settings.

  2. Under Integrations, click Connections.

  3. Click Set Up New CRM Connection.

  4. Click the Connect button next to Marketo.

  5. Follow the steps to add your Base URLs, Client Id, and Client Secret. We strongly recommend that you follow the Marketo instructions to set up a dedicated Bizible API user for the purposes of this integration. In the case that we need to debug or troubleshoot the connection through the API, we can pinpoint any issues through the dedicated Bizible API user.

  6. Utilize the Marketo Need help? link to generate these values (if needed): and

  7. After you enter the values, click Authenticate. Your Marketo account will then be connected to Bizible.

    Optional Step: If your Person Sync has not yet been enabled, you can turn it on now. For each instance of Marketo, there is a daily cap of 50,000 REST API calls and 500MB of the Bulk API. You’ll want to consider other partners and integrations that you may have with Marketo and allocate some to Bizible. To do this, navigate down to the Marketing Automation tab in the left-hand menu.


    Once your new API user has been created, please provide your Customer Success Manager with the following details so we can relax the API limits between the integration:

    • Marketo subscription Id
    • Email address of the API user

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