Using Data Loader to Update Bizible Custom Amount Field

Bizible recommends using Data Loader as a convenient option to update opportunity values when using a custom revenue field (we use the Amount field out of the box) in Bizible. Data Loader is preferred over using the Bizible update script as the script requires users to disable all Salesforce validation rules while the Bizible script runs.

Using Data Loader to Update Bizible Custom Amount Field

  1. Create an excel sheet with the:

    • Opportunity Id
    • Custom Opportunity Amount field (your preferred revenue field)
    • Bizible Opportunity Amount field
  2. Copy and paste the values from your preferred revenue field into the Bizible Opportunity Amount field. Then, update these Opps using the .csv file.

Alternatively, you can go into Salesforce and use a custom list view to mass edit all the opportunities…

  1. Create a Custom List view for all Opportunities.
  2. Add a filter for preferred revenue field is not blank and Bizible Opportunity Amount field is blank.
  3. Click Mass Edit, but don’t actually change anything.
  4. Click Save. This will trigger the workflow to populate the Bizible Opportunity Amount fields with the Software Revenue field.

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