A/B Testing Set Up and Reporting

The Bizible A/B Test integration allows you to track the revenue impact of your Optimizely and VWO site experiments. This article guides provides instructions on how to add Bizible A/B Test sections to the Lead, Contact, Case, and Opportunity page layouts. We will also cover general reporting practices and recommendations for running Bizible A/B report types.

Set Up

Add the Bizible A/B Test sections on Lead, Contact, Case, and Opportunity. Bizible A/B Test integration allows you to track the revenue impact of your Optimizely and VWO site experiments.

  1. Verify you are using package Bizible v3.9 or later. You can do this by going to Salesforce > Set Up > Installed packages.

  2. Edit the Lead page layout and add the Bizible A/B Tests Related List to the page.

  3. Click the Wrench button. Remove the stock “Id” field from the list of Selected fields. Add Experiment, Variation, and DateReported fields. Change “Sort by” to Date Reported, and select Descending in the drop-down.

  4. Under Buttons, uncheck New.

  5. Contact your Bizible rep or email support@bizible.com to enable the feature.


Customers have access to a couple of Bizible A/B report types that allow you to report on A/B Test in relation to Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities:

  • Bizible A/BTests
  • Bizible A/BTests with Contact
  • Bizible A/BTests with Lead
  • Bizible A/BTests with Opportunity

A/B report types are used to report on which Lead or Contact or Opportunity has been exposed to an A/B test. Additionally, these reports can show you the amount of revenue tied to an Opportunity that was exposed to an A/B test.

It’s important to note that Optimizely/VWO is a content variation platform and not a marketing channel. Therefore, these Bizible A/B report types are used differently than Bizible Touchpoint reports. Bizible touchpoint reports types are used to understand which marketing channel (e.g., paid advertising, web direct, social) drove a Lead or Contact to a specific page. However, Bizible A/B report types cannot be used to report on how a variation influenced a Lead or Opportunity. Additionally, since an A/B test variation is not a channel, details about the variation will not appear on the Bizible touchpoint.

Here are some common fields we recommend using when reporting on A/B test to help increase clarity and insight:

  • Lead converted
  • Experiment
  • Experiment ID
  • Variation
  • Variation ID
  • Date Reported

Salesforce Example Reports

Bizible A/B Test with Lead

Bizible A/B Test with Opportunity

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