Using Acrolinx

Acrolinx is similar to a grammar and spelling checker you use in Word. However, it’s much more powerful. Acrolinx helps you author content in several ways:

  • Enables findable, scannable, and easy to read content
  • Corrects spelling and grammar
  • Helps with consistency with Adobe brands and terms
  • Optimizes content for localization

It even points out URLs that are being redirected, and finds broken links. Please use Acrolinx regularly.

Set up Acrolinx in Visual Studio Code

Acrolinx is run across repos at validation, but a VSC extension is highly recommended for you to use at the file level in Markdown.


Regarding sign-in: You only need to be signed into Adobe (VPN and LDAP). We have a limited number of Visual Studio Code licenses available, so please don’t use the Acrolinx for Visual Studio Code extension unless you’re a full-time EXL writer or you have permission from the team.

You need the Acrolinx server URL to sign in. Contact Bob or Blake for the Acrolinx server URL. (If your server name has dev in the URL, you’re using the wrong server.)

  1. (Prerequisite) Verify that your Visual Studio Code is at version 1.53 or higher.

  2. Install the Acrolinx extension from the Marketplace:

    In Visual Studio Code, click Extensions to open the Extensions panel.

  3. Search for the Acrolinx for Visual Studio Code.

  4. After installation, open any markdown file in Visual Studio Code.

  5. Click anywhere in an article, then click the Acrolinx Show Sidebar icon on the left-nav in VSC.

    Acrolinx sidebar icon

    A browser opens for sign-in, showing An Application Wants to Access Your Acrolinx Account.

  6. If necessary, specify your LDAP/OKTA information.

  7. Click Confirm.

  8. Close the connection message and return to Visual Studio Code.

  9. In the sidebar, click Check.

Acrolinx VSC check

Reach out to Rick Brough or Blake Frei if you have questions about terms and guidance.

View Acrolinx baseline reports for repos

The baseline URLs are derived from the repositories.edn file.

These baseline URLs will change monthly. For tracking purposes, the baseline is reset/updated once a month.

Baseline for December 1, 2022 (current)

Previous baselines

For previous baselines, see Old Acrolinx Baselines

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