Designing the Home Page

Each user guide has a home page. For these home pages, we want to find the right balance between consistency and flexibility across solutions.

Note that a home page is different from a landing page. The home page is the first article in a guide. The landing pages are special navigation pages located here:

Required components

Each home page should have the following:

  • Title.
  • Brief description of the user guide or solution.
  • One or more sections of links to key articles and resources.

Optional components

Different user guides have different needs, so we don’t want to be too prescriptive about the content or formatting of your home page. You have flexibility in what you include in your home page and how you format it. You can use tables, image cards, bullet lists, or other methods.

Look at related Adobe products to get ideas for how to design your home page.

Landing pages

Some solutions have multiple user guides. You have the option of creating a landing page for these user guides.

We use the landing-pages.en repo to determine the appearance of landing pages on

The markdown files in these landing pages have their own syntax requirements. See the readme file in that repo if you want details.

If you want to make changes to these landing pages, submit a pull request, log a JIRA issue, or contact Bob.

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