Deleting Repositories and Deactivating Content

Upon completion of a beta feature for which you created a documentation repository other than your main product documentation repository, you should do the following:

Remove beta repo

  1. Log a JIRA ticket (assign to Bob Bringhurst) that requests a repo be removed from the pipeline.
  2. Move the documentation to your main product documentation repository.
  3. Deactivate the content from the beta repository.
  4. Delete the beta repository.

Remove repo for a product no longer available

To remove a public-facing repo, contact the SSE team for detailed instructions.

  1. Log a JIRA ticket (assign to Bob Bringhurst) that requests a repo to be removed from the pipeline.

  2. If necessary, add end-of-life page to the redirects.en repo.

  3. Set up redirects (or ask Bob to create wildcard redirects).

  4. In repo to be removed, do the following:

    • Turn off index (set hide: yes in file).
    • Edit the main file to indicate the repo is archived.

    Bob will then do the following steps.

  5. Make sure that redirects are in place for the repo being moved or deleted.

  6. Delete the mirror.

  7. Disable the mirror and Acrolinx webhooks. Edit Acrolinx nil file.

    This step is redundant, because all webhooks are automatically disabled when the repo is archived. But I like to do it anyway.

  8. Remove repo name from activate-new job.

  9. Archive repos (English and Loc) in exl-config > markdown-sources.yml.

  10. Disable Jenkins jobs (all languages; prod, review, and pr). Matt runs a script.

  11. Archive repo in Git Corp.

Remove links to the deleted repo. Contact Blake if you want other teams to know about the changes.

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