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Resources for internal Adobe writers and contributors.

Writing tools

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Markdown editors

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that is both easy to read and easy to learn. Therefore, it has rapidly become an industry standard. To write articles in Markdown, we recommend that you first download and install a Markdown editor. Popular options include:

Git/GitHub tools

You can also use command-line tools for performing Git tasks.

Design resources

Git and GitHub learning resources

If you are unfamiliar with Git or GitHub, check out these resources.

Uploading Videos to Adobe TV

When creating videos for users, upload the videos to Adobe TV. Do not use YouTube, Vimeo, or another third-party platform.

Sean Schnoor’s team manages video content for Experience Cloud. Before you create a video, check with Sean or a member of Sean’s team to make sure that you have access to the proper location within Adobe Media Publishing Cloud (MPC) and that you avoid duplicating existing content.

  1. Create a KT Story in the KT project for each video.

    Here’s an example KT Story. Adding the KT Story will prompt the localization team to pick-up the video and add subtitles and TTS.

  2. When storing a video for AEM in MPC it should go in a newly created folder in the Help & Support > Experience League bucket.

    There should be a 1:1 mapping of folder to English video. The folder name should be the exact same name as the video file.

  3. Navigate to Adobe Media Publishing Cloud.

  4. Navigate to the folder where you want to add the video.

    You will need to have proper access and permissions to upload videos. Contact Sean Schnoor or his team for details.

  5. Click the upload icon from the top right corner.

    upload video 1

  6. Drag and drop the videos to the dialog box or click to browse to your local location of the video. Add the title and description to your video.

    upload video 2

  7. Once the upload is complete, click on Get Code under Embed Codes to access the publish link.

    upload video 3

  8. Copy the link to the video from the Shareable Link, as shown below.

    upload video 4

  9. Once you have the link, you can share the link or add the specific video to your documentation with the following syntax:


If you have questions about uploading videos, contact Sean Schnoor or a member of his team.

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