What is the Collaborative Documentation Initiative (SSE-CD)?

The SSE-CD project is about building how knowledge is created, shared and maintained with customers. Think of it as social co-creation of content.


This content is intended for Adobe employees.


Great self-help content is as important to product delivery as the features, user interface or APIs of our products. It must be kept up-to-date in lock step with the evolution of the product. Without accurate, detailed and relevant content, enterprise customers will fail to successfully use our products.

We need a cultural shift in how we deliver great self-help content. Product management and engineering leaders cannot abdicate their responsibility for delivering content as part of their solution delivery. Every team member must think about content as part of their responsibility in delivering not only a great product, but a great customer experience.

Content has historically been locked away in inaccessible stores with specialized tools and limited permissions for just the content team to create and edit. This has resulted in the creation of many repositories for content, including technical marketing, consulting and AGS, customer care, training and even the documentation team themselves have distinct systems for building and publishing content. Many of these groups store valuable information, but it is so scattered and inconsistently written that it fails to deliver the needed customer impact.

We are taking an open source approach to self-help content, and invite all to participate. We will use industry standard mark-down language to create content, and make the content source of record a public, open-source repository on Github. This content will be synchronized and published as part of Adobe’s self-help platform.

All employees, customers and partners will not only be allowed, but encouraged to enlist and contribute.

What solutions does this cover?

All solutions in the Digital Experience business unit - all of Experience Cloud.

What languages does this cover?

The SCCM pipeline machine translation functions covers all the core Experience Cloud languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Dutch
  • Swedish

How do I get more information?

View the wiki. That is the best place to get full information updates

I don’t know Markdown, how do I start?

A really good interactive intro to markdown tutorial is here That will help you with the core concepts, and cover most everything you need to know about structuring a page.

More info can be found in our Syntax Style Guide

What resources are available to help me?

There are a number of resources available to assist you.

  • You’re looking at our project documentation, all in Markdown, right here.
  • Our Jira queue for bugs or feature requests is https://jira.corp.adobe.com/projects/SSECD/summary
  • Slack channel for support is #SSE-CD in the Adobe.com workspace

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