Adding a video to Experience League

Before you begin

Ensure you have access to these 2 systems,

  • Jira - Ensure you have Jira access to the Knowledge Transfer (KT) project and you can create a Jira Story.
  • MPC - Try logging into MPC.

If you do not have access to MPC, this video help. If you require more information, review more detailed access information on the MPC Wiki. If you continue to have access problems to MPC or cannot access Jira, reach out to Sean Schnoor for assistance.

There are 2 main things you will be accomplishing,

  1. Uploading your video to MPC (video hosting platform)
  2. Creating a Jira story with the details of your video

Uploading your video

  1. Log into MPC, Select Help & Support then Experience League

  2. Select the appropriate cloud level folder for your video.

    Cloud Folders

  3. Select the appropriate product folder for your video. If you are uploading an Event,

    • select the “Events” folder, then event folder for your event (e.g., GEMs, Skill Builders, etc.)
    • skip to step 5
  4. Click on Add Empty Folder and name the folder the same as the video. ( IMPORTANT : the folder and video name must match exactly.) Select and open the folder you just created.

    Add FolderNote the highlighted path, if you are in the correct place your path should be similar


    If you do not see an option to add a folder, please reach out to Sean Schnoor to adjust your permissions.

  5. Click Add Empty Records in the upper right corner.

    Add Video

  6. On the newly opened dialog, add a Title, Description, select your video (.mp4 format), and select your Product in the Product field. ( NOTE - this is not the default selection and the analytics are dependent on selecting the product).

    Video data entry
    Required fields are highlighted, you must select the product in the product field.


    Do not close the window after clicking Save & Upload. This window must stay open until your video is completely uploaded.

  7. Once your video has finished uploading note the URL for the record in MPC. You can get to this by navigating to the folder you created and you should be able to select the video record.


    You can avoid waiting for the video to finish uploading. Simply note the video ID that now appears on the upload screen. video ID Copy the URL from the upload screen, open a new tab, paste the URL, and delete

    from the URL and add
    . Your URL should look similar to this :

  8. You will need this URL when you create the Jira ticket

Adding video details to Jira

You can reference this example as you follow along in the steps.

  1. Navigate to Jira, click on Create and create a new Story in the Knowledge Transfer (KT) project.

    Create Issue
    Note the Project and Issue Type

  2. Enter a summary in the following format [solution] - title - content type here are a few examples,

    • [AEM Assets] Content Automation - Feature video
    • [Platform] Monitoring dashboard - Technical video
    • [Multi] Synchronize & send an AEM email delivery in Campaign - Feature Video
  3. Select the Content Type (should match the Summary)

  4. Select the Solution (should match the Summary)

  5. OPTIONAL Use Component/s and Fix Version/s to further refine the solution. Using AEM as an example, you might select Assets for Component/s and AEM CS for Fix Version/s.

  6. Select the correct Deployment Phase for your video.

    • Deploy - focuses on getting the customer to first active use
    • Use - all things that relate to general product use/operation after deployment
    • Grow - anything related to expanding the use of the solution beyond standard use
  7. Select a Role/s.

  8. Select a Skill Level.

  9. Enter a Description which should be at minimum of 2-3 sentences describing the video contents.

  10. Select a Team.

  11. Assign the video to the appropriate member of the Experience League content team,

    solution assignee
    AEM Sites/Assets Daniel Gordon/David Gonzalez
    AEM Forms Girish Bedekar
    Platform Daniel Wright
    AJO Sandra Hausmann
    Analytics Doug Moore
    Campaign Sandra Hausmann
    CCE Lori Kasuba
    CJA Doug Moore
    DC Lori Kasuba
    RT-CDP Daniel Wright
    Workfront Betsey West / Chuck Middleton
    All other solutions Sean Schnoor
  12. Click the Create button

  13. Add the MPC link to the Jira record

    1. Navigating to the Jira ticket you just created
    2. Click on More and then Link

    Open link dialog

    1. As mentioned in step 7 of Uploading your video you will need to link to the MPC record. The URL should look similar to this : Follow the steps in the below image,

    Link to MPC

  14. Congratulations! You are done!

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