Creating a KT Issue in Jira

Which issue type to use

All Experience League content is tracked in Jira using the Knowledge Transfer(KT) project. There are 2 issue types you are most likely to create,

  • Story - Used for all videos, articles, tutorials, etc. (with the exception of Courses), one story per asset. Thus if you are adding 5 videos, then you would need to create 5 Jira issues.
  • Initiative - Used exclusively for Courses, one course per initiative

If you are unable to access the above systems, reach out to Sean Schnoor for assistance.

Creating a KT issue in Jira

If you are adding an initiative this is a good example of an initiative. If you are creating a story, then refer to this example.

  1. Navigate to Jira, click on Create and create a new Story in the Knowledge Transfer (KT) project.

    Create Issue
    Note the Project and Issue Type

  2. Enter a summary in the following format [solution] - title - content type here are a few examples,

    • [AEM Assets] Content Automation - Feature video
    • [Platform] Monitoring dashboard - Technical video
    • [Multi] Synchronize & send an AEM email delivery in Campaign - Feature Video
  3. Select the Content Type (should match the Summary)

  4. Select the Solution (should match the Summary)

    • OPTIONAL Use Component/s and Fix Version/s to further refine the solution. Using AEM as an example, you might select Assets for Component/s and AEM CS for Fix Version/s.
  5. Select the correct Deployment Phase for your video.

    • Deploy - focuses on getting the customer to first active use
    • Use - all things that relate to general product use/operation after deployment
    • Grow - anything related to expanding the use of the solution beyond standard use
  6. Select a Role/s.

  7. Select a Skill Level.

  8. Enter a Description which should be at minimum of 2-3 sentences describing the video contents.

  9. Select a Team.

  10. Click the Create button

    If you are creating a Jira ticket for a video follow these additional steps to link to the MPC record,

    1. You will now need to add the MPC link to the record, do this by navigating to the Jira ticket you just created and click on More and then Link

      Open link dialog

    2. As mentioned in step 7 of Uploading your video you will need to link to the MPC record. The URL should look similar to this : Follow the steps in the below image,

      Link to MPC

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