Getting Started for Adobe Documentation Writers

Welcome to AdobeDocs!

The SCCM project is about building how knowledge is created, shared, and maintained with customers. Think of it as social co-creation of content using Git and Markdown.

Documentation writer new to EXL

Start here:

Contact Bob Bringhurst (bbringhu) via Slack or email about migrating content, understanding workflow options, and getting up to speed.

Contact Blake Frei (mfrei) via Slack or email about editorial guidance.

Learning tips

  • Use the sandbox.en repo for learning the workflow and experimenting with the system. The sandbox repo is internal only; its sole purpose is to help new writers get up and running. Don’t worry about messing up the repo. We reset its content now and then.
  • Reach out to Bob if you want training or if you have any questions about authoring content.
  • Pay attention to the sccm-assistance Slack channel for updates and announcements. Also, feel free to ask questions there.
  • Look at the What’s new page for new features and announcements.
  • To get notified of documentation requests and announcements, use the Adobe IAM Portal to request access to Grp-DXDocumentation and/or Grp-DX-Docs-India.

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