Experience League testing

We’ll keep using the AdobeDocs repo to write documentation with the same Markdown syntax. However, we’re building to a new pipeline and switching the output from docs.adobe.com to the experienceleague.adobe.com site.

We’re now in the testing phase of Experience League output. Actually, we’re beyond it.

Jenkins validation

During the testing phase, AdobeDocs repos are connected to both the current pipeline (docs.adobe.com via AEM) and the upcoming pipeline (experienceleague.adobe.com via Git bundle). Content is validated for each pipeline using a different set of rules. In nearly all cases, content that is valid for docs.adobe.com will also be valid for Experience League. There are exceptions for both pipelines.

To see the validation status of repos on Experience League, see the ExL tab in Jenkins:

Output to Experience League

When you commit any change to the main branch on AdobeDocs, validated content is packaged (quickly!) for Experience League and uploaded to a server.

You can check validation for your repo here:

Jenkins exl validation

Updates to AdobeDocs repos are activated periodically (currently every 6 hours: 5am/11am/5pm/11pm PDT) on experienceleague.adobe.com.

User Guides on ExL

Note that user guides are not yet stitched together properly in doc sets. We’re still working on this functionality, which we refer to as work on the “manifest.”


If your repo is hooked up to EXL, you can change the domain for any docs.adobe.com article to see that page rendered in Experience League.

Change: https://docs.adobe.com/content/help/en/

To: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/


Landing Pages

Additional Guides

Test level

##### Test level


Can’t find a guide? Check Jenkins ExL to see if your repo is listed (and passing validation). If it doesn’t appear, please file a JIRA issue (example) and assign Bob Bringhurst.

Logging issues

Use Jira to create Experience League issues and link them to the docs migration epic:

JIRA - Issues with docs migration content

Click the + sign to add an issue to the Docs Migration epic.


Here’s the ExL Backlog for reference.

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