Template for User Guide Home Page

Example titles:
(Solution with 1 guide) # Adobe Target User Guide
(Solution with multiple guides) # Adobe Analytics Admin Guide

User guide and/or solution description goes here.

Example descriptions:
(Solution with 1 guide) Welcome to the Adobe Target product documentation.
(Solution with multiple guides) Welcome to the Admin user guide for Adobe Analytics.

The following components can be used for sections such as “What’s New and Featured”, “Key Features,” “<Solution> User Guides,” or “Key Resources.” Do what makes sense for your solution.

Standard Bullet List

Useful for links that require descriptions.

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Alternate Bullet List

Also useful for links that require descriptions.

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Simple Bullet List

Useful for basic links that require no description.

HTML Table with Cards

Nice design touch from Campaign Standard. Useful to emphasize a small set of key resources.

Roles Learn how to define permissions and assign roles to users.
Designer Learn how to use the email designer to create responsive and personalized emails

SDK Documentation

Markdown 2-Column Table

Adobe Target solutions help Adobe Experience Cloud resources

HTML 2-Column Table

This table is from Audience Manager, but I swapped out the internal links.

New and Featured Items

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See also, 2019 Documentation Updates.

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Collaborative Documentation

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