Audit List page

The Audit List page shows information about all of your audits.

When you start Adobe Experience Platform Auditor, the Audit List page appears. You can view the Audit List page as either a list or a card view.

List view

List view displays the following information for each of your audits.

Item Description
Audit name The name given to the audit
Starting URL The URL where the audit begins crawling your pages
Score Audits are scored from 1 to 100, with 100 meaning there are no issues on the scanned pages
Status Shows when the audit was completed, or that it is being processed
Requestor Shows the name of the user who created the audit
Actions Provides links for copying or rerunning the audit, canceling an audit that is currently running, downloading a report as an Excel spreadsheet, or deleting the audit

Click the name of the audit to see the audit results.

Card view

Card view shows each audit in a graphical format.

Click the name of the audit to see the audit results. Click the menu next to the name to see links for copying, rerunning, or canceling the audit, or to download a finished report as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF.

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