Real-Time Inbound Data Ingestion

Last update: 2021-04-13

The real-time inbound data ingestion process uses a series of HTTP requests from a user’s browser to pass in data to Audience Manager.

Inbound data should be formatted as key-value pairs called signals. Typically, each signal is mapped to a segment created or managed through the user interface or API.

URL String Parameters and Syntax

The URL for an inbound data transfer should contain the variables described below. Remember to create traits and a folder structure in the Audience Manager UI before setting up real-time data transfers.


Replace italicized content with actual parameter values.

Parameter Description
<KEY> A unique identifier in a key-value pair (e.g., gender, color, price).
<VAL> A variable that belongs to the data set defined by the key (e.g., gender=male, color=green, price=100)

URL Syntax

During a real-time inbound data ingestion process, a properly formatted URL string uses the following syntax:

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