Optional Settings for Cookie Destinations

Last update: 2021-04-04

In Destination Builder, the Configuration section contains the Cookie Domain and Publish Data To fields. These let you create rules to determine if a destination sets a cookie or returns a cookie. Cookie Domain and Publish Data To work independently of each other and are optional. You can create a cookie destination without using either of them.

Cookie Domain Description


The Cookie Domain field accepts a simple text string that lets you set cookies on a specified domain or all domains. When using this feature:

  • Set only one domain for each cookie destination. Do not type multiple domains in the Cookie Domain field. Create another Destination instead.
  • Do not use wildcard characters.

Leave the Cookie Domain field blank to set a cookie on all domains. This is the default setting.

To set cookies on a specific domain and sub-domains:

  • Type the name of the domain in the Cookie Domain field.
  • Start the domain name with a period. For example, .somedomain.com.
  • The https://www prefix is not required.


As a simple example, let's say we have a fictitious site called sports.com. Sports.com has domains for golf, baseball, and football. To set a cookie in all the sports domains, you would type that in the Cookie Domain box as shown below:

This tells Audience Manager to set a cookie in any domain that contains the pattern something.sports.com. See below for a more complex set of examples.

These examples show you if Audience Manager will set a cookie based on how the Cookie Domain option is configured.

Website Cookie Domain: .sports.com

Cookie Set

Cookie Domain: .golf.sports.com

Cookie Set

Cookie Domain: Blank

Cookie Set


Yes No Yes


Yes Yes Yes


Yes No Yes


No No Yes

Publish Data To

The Publish Data To settings return a cookie if the domain meets the criteria set by the options you select. Options include:

  • All of our domains: (Default) Returns a cookie for any domain.
  • Only the selected domains: Returns a cookie only for the domains selected in the domains list.
  • All of our domains except the selected domains: Prevents selected domains from receiving a cookie. All other domains can receive a cookie.

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