Get User IDs and Regions From a DCS Response

Last update: 2021-04-04
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This section describes how to parse a DCS response to retrieve the visitor and region IDs required to make real-time calls to the DCS.

User and Region IDs

A DCS response contains data about your site visitors. You need the visitor and region ID before you can make server-to-server calls to the DCS.

  • The user ID is required to identify and associate data with a particular visitor.
  • The region ID is required because it is tied to a regional server name, which you need to send data to the DCS. The DCS stores information in data centers that are geographically closest to site visitors. See DCS Region IDs, Locations, and Host Names.

These parameters are described below. Code in italics represents a variable placeholder.

Parameter Data type Example

"uuid": user ID



"dcs_region":region ID



Sample Response

This simple response shows the UUID and region ID. Note, this is sample data only. Your log files may be longer and more complex.

    "stuff": [],
    "uuid": "22920112968019678612904394744954398990",
    "dcs_region": 7,
    "tid": "31ZpxW5bQGc="

Next Steps

Once you have the user ID and regional server name, you can start sending and receiving DCS data. See Making DCS API Calls.

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