Reporting 2nd and 3rd-party data usage in Audience Marketplace at the segment level

Last update: 2022-03-08
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This video shows a new method of reporting data usage within the Payables section of the Audience Marketplace UI. In addition to the existing process of feed-level reporting, monthly impressions can now be submitted at the segment level, which eliminates the need for offline calculations for cost attribution.

This release provides more flexibility and an improved workflow for second-party and third-party data usage that allows customers to report on impressions at the segment level via the UI or using bulk upload functionality.

Additionally, customers purchasing second-party or third-party data from Audience Marketplace benefit from an improved cost attribution policy. This new policy attributes costs to data providers based on the unique user counts of traits in a rule-based segment, resulting in more transparency and equitable usage billing. More details on the billing algorithm can be found in Cost Attribution for CPM Data Feeds in product documentation.

For more information about reporting CPM usage, see How to Report CPM Usage in product documentation.

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