Silverpop Data Connector for Adobe Analytics


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This Adobe® Data Connectors™ email integration combines behavioral information from Analytics® with Silverpop email marketing to create a powerful tool to redefine success measurement and target audiences with more relevant messaging.

Delivering relevant email messages to these market segments can result in entirely new revenue opportunities, driving increased conversion and revenue among new and existing email campaigns. For example, delivering relevant email messages based on products that were viewed during a visit or products that were left in an abandoned shopping cart has been proven to have dramatic impact on revenue, with minimal impact on cost because this is simply leveraging visitors your site is already getting.

This increase in marketing efficiency is one of the key benefits of integrating Analytics with Silverpop. Additionally, this integration will automatically synchronize email metrics with Analytics data as frequently as hourly for closed-loop reporting.

Key Benefits and Features

This integration includes the following key benefits:

  • Consolidate email marketing and analytics data into one reporting interface
  • Optimize email campaigns by conversion and contribution to revenue and site success
  • Re-market to key visitors and market segments based on dynamic marketing segments

Updates for Silverpop 2.0

The following features are new in version 2.0 of the Silverpop Data Connectors integration:

  • Metric Import frequency increased from daily to hourly.
  • Two additional standard metrics for non-retail clients.
  • Remarketing to users who may not have clicked through an email.
  • Product Classifications are exported to Silverpop for additional customization in remarketing messages.
  • Additional data is available in remarketing segments (orders, revenue, and units).

Dynamic Marketing Segments

This Data Connectors email integration supports dynamic marketing segments to help you drive your business.

This integration features the following marketing segments, out of the box:

  • Purchase Profiles: Increase repeat orders and average order value through campaigns targeted by visitor purchase patterns.
  • Product/Content View Behavioral Profile: Reach prospective customers through marketing segments based on product views and content access profiling.
  • Cart Abandonment Profile: Help visitors convert to customers through fine-tuned campaigns specifically designed for those who are hesitant to complete carts.
  • Form Abandonment Profile (Optional): Encourage visitors to complete an unfinished form through campaigns specifically designed for those who started and did not complete an online form. This segment will only be created if 2 events are created for form starts and form completes.
  • File Download Profile (Optional): Reach potential customers through campaigns designed for those who have shown interest by downloading a white-paper or other type of download. This segment will only be created if 1 event is created for successful file downloads.
  • Customers can also create and schedule custom remarketing segments specific to the needs of their users.

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