Deploying the Integration

Deploying this integration is a simple 3-step process.

Completing the Integration Wizard

To activate the integration you must complete the Selligent integration wizard within the Data Connectors interface.

  1. Navigate to the Data Connectors area within the Adobe Experience Cloud.

  2. Under Add Integrations, drag and drop the Selligent plug-in into Adobe Experience Cloud.

    This will open up the Selligent Data Connector Integration.

  3. Integration Settings: Choose the desired Report Suite and provide a name for the integration under Integration Settings.

  4. Under Custom Values, fill in all your Selligent account-related information.

  5. Variable mapping: Choose the appropriate reserved eVars and events from the drop down menus:

  6. Data Settings: You may choose your own segments under Your Segments apart from the 3 automated Partner segments.

  7. This integration may require downloading a few data point to your Selligent account. You may choose to give access for the same under Access Request.

  8. Under Data Collection, choose an automated or manual solution (JavaScript Plug-in) to collect query string parameters from the landing page URL. If you choose an automated solution, enter your query string parameter for Message ID and Recipient ID which is MID and RID respectively. For JavaScript Plug-in, contact your Adobe Consultant.

  9. Report Settings: Under Dashboard Generation, check the box to have the Selligent dashboard automatically generated for you.

  10. Review the integration summary and click Activate.

Configuration within Selligent

As soon as the Integration is enabled inside Adobe Analytics, an automatic configuration is enabled on the Selligent side.

A tracker has been created which will track every e-mail. In case you want to limit it to a certain domain, please update the tracker configuration.

We highly recommended that you move the tracking parameter for Adobe Analytics in the URL to the front. This will ensure that the Adobe Processing rules pick up the parameters from the landing page URL. Enable the tracking by checking the checkbox as shown below.

Verifying the Integration

Once all deployment steps have been completed you can validate that the integration is successfully transferring data.

It will take a few days for the data exchange to begin. Please make sure you contact Selligent after you activate the integration.

Integration Activity Log

Navigate to your Selligent Integration within Data Connectors. Under the Support tab, you should see events like Metric Data imported and/or Classification Data imported successfully :

Reporting Data

View your Selligent Message reports with appropriate metrics.

  1. Go to Report & Analytics under Adobe Experience Cloud.
  2. Select the appropriate Report Suite.
  3. Under Custom Conversion, select the Message ID Reports and choose Message ID/Message Name.

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