Responsys Data Connector for Adobe Analytics


We will be end-of-lifing the Adobe Data Connector technology on August 1, 2021. Learn more…

Adobe Analytics provides an abundance of new targeting opportunities for email marketers using Responsys Interact. By delivering timely, relevant email messages to the dynamic marketing segments identified by Adobe Analytics (formerly SiteCatalyst) can drive increased conversion and revenue from both potential and current customers.

For example, marketers can send an incentive via email to visitors who viewed a particular product or abandoned a shopping cart, encouraging them to return to the site and complete a purchase. The tight integration between marketing reports & analytics and Responsys Interact enables the automation, precise targeting, and closed-loop reporting of these remarketing campaigns, increasing the efficiency of email marketing efforts while boosting web site conversions and measurably improving overall ROI.

Key Benefits

Lists the main benefits of the integration of Adobe Analytics and Responsys Interact.

  • Consolidate e-mail marketing and analytics data into one reporting interface.
  • Optimize e-mail campaigns by conversion and contribution to revenue and site success.
  • Re-market to key visitors and market segments based on cart abandonment, product purchases, product views, spanning current and historical data (up to 90 days prior to activation).

Integration Prerequisites

Lists prerequisites for Adobe Analytics and for Responsys customers.

Prerequisites for Adobe Customers

  • Must be a current customer of Adobe Analytics.
  • Must have Admin privileges.
  • Must have 2 available and enabled eVars within your report suite.
  • Must have 6 available numeric events enabled within your report suite.

Prerequisites for Responsys Customers

  • Must be a current customer of Responsys.
  • Must have purchased Interact Connect for Adobe Analytics.

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