Qualtrics Data Connector for Adobe Analytics


We will be end-of-lifing the Adobe Data Connector technology on August 1, 2021. Learn more…

This integration combines the customer research capabilities of the Qualtrics Research Suite with the rich data you are collecting within Adobe Analytics to create powerful analytics and optimization opportunities for your organization.

This two-way integration first connects the Qualtrics survey response data with your visitor clickstream data. It then injects relevant behavioral actions and attributes, from Adobe Analytics, back into the Qualtrics survey reporting.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Build user segments based on the responses users give to specific survey questions.
  • Traffic and conversion reporting based on survey, question and response level detail.
  • Uses only 1 ListVar, 1 eVar, and 1 event to integrate unlimited Qualtrics surveys.
  • Enhance Qualtrics reporting with up to 5 custom conversion dimensions, 5 custom traffic dimensions, 5 custom success events and more than 20 other standard metrics and dimensions tracked with Adobe Analytics.
  • Integrated survey data within Adobe Analytics flows in “live” as surveys are submitted. Exports to Qualtrics occur daily.

Before you Activate this Connector

Adobe Prerequisites

  • Must be a current customer of Adobe Analytics.
  • Must be an Admin User.
  • Must have 1 available and enabled List variable within your report suite.
  • Must have 1 available and enabled eVar (or prop) variable within your report suite.
  • Must have 1 available custom event within your report suite.

Qualtrics Prerequisites

  • Must be a current customer of the Qualtrics Research Suite.
  • Must be a user that has been given permissions to enable Adobe Analytics Integration.
  • Must be able to generate an Adobe Analytics Token within the Qualtrics IDs area of the Research Suite.

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