Using the Integration

Once deployed, you can begin using the additional capabilities that this integration provides. The following are actions to take to get value from this integration from within Adobe Analytics.


It can take 24-48 hours to begin seeing Kampyle response data within your Adobe Analytics reporting.

Mix Feedback and Onsite Behavior Data

You can break down Reports & Analytics reports by feedback dimensions.

Using Adobe Reports & Analytics, you can drill into numerous feedback dimensions that are available in reports. The report below is an example of drilling to a specific Category of feedback and then breaking it down by the feedback Description. Metrics from both Reports & Analytics (Visits & Customer Service Inquiries) and Kampyle (Avg Feedback Grade) are presented side-by-side for easy analysis.

Segment by Feedback Dimension

You can create segments based on feedback dimensions.

A primary feature of this integration is the ability to create Adobe Analytics segments based on the Kampyle feedback dimensions. For example, you can build a segment that will include only Visits where a Grade of 1 or 2 was given. You might call this “Feedback Grade - LOW”. This segment definition would look like this:

This segment can then be applied to practically any report - one example is the Time Spent per Visit Report seen here.

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