Deploying the Integration

Deploying this integration is a simple process consists of completing the Adobe Integration Wizard, deploying the plug-in code (JavaScript), and verifying the integration.

Complete the Adobe Integration Wizard

To activate the integration, complete the configuration wizard in the Data Connectors interface.

  1. Log in to Adobe Experience Cloud.
  2. Click Analytics > Admin > All admin > Data connectors.
  3. Launch the Kampyle integration wizard.
  4. Select the desired report suite and provide a name for the integration.
  5. Configure the following items:
    1. Email address: The primary contact’s email address.
    2. Description (optional): Description for this integration setup.
    3. Kampyle Key: Find this key in the Kampyle application under Feedback Form > Feedback Form Customization.
    4. Tracking Server: The tracking server value that you use to track Adobe Analytics data.
    5. Tracking Server Secure: If your tracking server is different for secure/https traffic, then provide that setting here.
  6. Configure the following Variable Mappings items:
    1. Kampyle Feedback ID: Select an available eVar variable from your report suite
    2. Feedback Grade: Select an available success event (type “counter”) from your report suite.
    3. Feedback Items: Select an available success event (type “counter”) from your report suite.
    4. Feedback with Grade: Select an available success event (type “counter”) from your report suite.
  7. Check the box to have the Kampyle Integration dashboard automatically created for you (recommended).
  8. Review all configuration items and click Activate Now.

Deploy the Integration Configuration Object

After completing the integration wizard, deploy the integration configuration object to your web property. In many cases, the easiest way to deploy the integration configuration object is to include it with your Adobe Analytics deployment code.


If you use tags in Adobe Experience Platform, you can easily add the integration configuration object through that tool.

  1. Navigate to the Resources > Support tab of the integration.

  2. Download and save the Kampyle Integration Code (JS) resource. The code looks similar to this:

    /* Kampyle:  Integration configuration settings */
      window.k_sc_param = { "version":1.1 }
  3. Deploy the code using one of the following methods:

    • Use tags in Adobe Experience Platform.
    • Deliver the code to the organizational resource that maintains your Adobe Analytics deployment.

Verify the Integration

Validate that the integration successfully transfers data by completing a couple of checks.

Integration Activity Log

View your Kampyle integration setup within the Adobe Experience Cloud by navigating to Support > Integration Activity Log. Under the Data In tab, you should see entries stating that classification data was successfully imported.


Log entries typically appear within 24 hours of successful deployment.

Integration activity log

Adobe Reporting Data

View your Kampyle feedback reports with Adobe Analytics by navigating to the Kampyle reporting within the appropriate menu structure.


Reporting data should appear within 24-48 hours of successful deployment, assuming that the integrated feedback form(s) is actively receiving submissions.

Adobe reporting data

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