Running the Data Connectors Integration Wizard

The Data Connectors Integration Wizard steps you through the Data Connectors integration process.

  1. Log in to Adobe Experience Cloud.

  2. Click Analytics > Admin > All admin > Report suite access and make that the desired report suite is active.

  3. Click Admin > All admin > Data connectors.


    Ensure that you see the desired report suite name displayed on the Adobe Data Connectors page header.

  4. Drag the emarsys icon to an empty plug-in slot in your Analytics report suite to launch the Data Connectors Integration Wizard.

  5. On the emarsys xpress Data Connectors Integration page, review the text, then select the check box to accept the fees associated with the integration, then click Next.

    This page provides an overview of the integration, along with helpful links for more information. There are both Adobe and emarsys fees associated with this integration. Contact your appropriate Sales Representatives for both organizations and make sure you understand the fee structure.

  6. Complete the Data Connectors integration wizard.

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