Dynamic Signal VoiceStorm Data Connector for Adobe Analytics


We will be end-of-lifing the Adobe Data Connector technology on August 1, 2021. Learn more…

This Adobe® Data Connectors integration combines the people-powered marketing capabilities of the Dynamic Signal VoiceStorm Platform with the digital experience insights from Adobe Analytics. The result is a powerful new analytics and optimization opportunity.

As your employees and customers promote your brand through VoiceStorm, they will drive results back to your owned web experiences. You can now measure the uplift of these activities through an integrated tracking and reporting solution in Adobe Analytics.

Key Benefits and Features

Outlines the top 3 benefits of Dynamic Signal VoiceStorm.

  • Simplified workflow through automated tracking code generation for content shared through VoiceStorm.
  • Automated daily syncing of VoiceStorm content dimensions between and Adobe Analytics.
  • New Traffic and Conversion reporting attributed directly back to which content, authors and sharers are actively promoting your brand.

Integration Prerequisites

Lists prerequisites for Adobe and Dynamic Signal customers.

Prerequisites for Adobe Customers

  • Must be a current Adobe Analytics customer.
  • Must be an Adobe Experience Cloud admin user with permissions to enable Data Connectors.
  • Must have at least 1 available and enabled eVar variable within your report suite.

Prerequisites for Dynamic Signal Customers

  • Must be a current VoiceStorm customer.
  • Must have a valid VoiceStorm Community ID.

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