Analytics Reports Using DFA Data

Once DFA and Adobe® collection servers can communicate, you can generate reports in Reports & Analytics that include DFA data.

Pre-packaged DFA reports include the following:

Channel: Displays data comparing Banner ads against other on-line ad options, such as Paid Search and Email.

Delivery Tool: Displays data comparing DoubleClick for Advertisers against other on-line ad services.

Site Name: Displays data comparing Web sites where DFA banner ads appeared.

Page Name: Displays data comparing individual Web pages where DFA banner ads appeared.

Ad Name: Displays data comparing specific DFA banner ads.

Campaigns: Displays data comparing different DFA ad campaigns

To generate a DFA report:

  1. Log in to Adobe Experience Cloud.

  2. Go to Analytics > Reports & Analytics. Make sure you have selected the report suite where you installed the DFA integration.

  3. In the left-side navigation, select the Conversion variable that captures the DFA click-through data, then select the desired DFA report.

  4. Click Add Metrics. This opens the Metric Selector dialog box.

  5. Check the Impressions and Clicks metrics in the Available Metrics list and click Apply.

    The resulting report displays Impressions, Clicks, and Revenue data so you can see how your DFA services translate into bottom-line revenue.
    For example, a DFA Ad Name report displays the impressions, clicks, and revenue data directly attributable to specific banner ads in your current DFA ad campaign:

This report has the following important features:

  • The report header, labeled DFA_Ad Name Report, displays the report time period (February 2009), and indicates that this is a Ranked report using a Horizontal Bar format.
  • The Graph itself displays three metrics (Impressions, Clicks, and Revenue) for each DFA Ad in the report.
  • The graph displays data for each metric as a percentage of the metric total, rather than using the actual numbers for each metric. You can change this in the Configure Report dialog box.
  • Below the graph, the DFA_Ad Name report lists the report details for each of the DFA Ads, and displays both numeric and percentage data for the Ad performance.
  • Select a specific DFA Ad Name to open a menu of options for getting more information about that particular DFA ad.
  • Each metric column includes a color key that corresponds to the metric’s assigned color in the graph.
  • The report is ordered by the Revenue metric with highest revenue Ad at the top. You can change the report ordering clicking on a different column (metric) label.

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