Demandbase Standard Dimensions

Lists the standard dimensions that will automatically be captured with the integration.

Dimension API Field Description
Demandbase SID demandbase_sid The unique identifier for the organization identified from the Demandbase database.
Company Name company_name Demandbase’s standardized organization name for the company identified.
Industry industry Industry name or industry vertical for the organization identified.
Sub-Industry sub_industry Industry specialty name for the organization identified.
Employee Range employee_range Employee range based on the number of employees for the organization identified.
Revenue Range revenue_range Revenue range based on the annual sales of the organization identified.
Audience audience Classifies web traffic by defined categories (e.g. Enterprise Business, Mid-Market Business, SMB, Government, Wireless, Residential, etc).
Audience Segment audience_segment Depending on Audience type, additional classification granularity is returned (e.g., Branch type for Government; Institution type for Education; Industry for Business).

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