Demandbase Data Connector for Adobe Analytics


We will be end-of-lifing the Adobe Data Connector technology on August 1, 2021. Learn more…

This Adobe® Data Connectors integration combines the Real-Time ID service of Demandbase with the behavioral information from Adobe Analytics to create a powerful analytics, optimization and content personalization opportunities for B2B organizations.

Delivering relevant content to prospects based on pre-determined characteristics, drives more qualified leads and increased conversion. Delivering content that is relevant to a particular industry, company size or even a particular company itself, allows you to get the right message directly to the visitor, without relying on them finding it on your site. This will lead to fewer bounces and a healthier, more qualified conversion funnel.

Key Benefits and Features

Lists the top 5 benefits and features.

  • Offers Traffic and Conversion reporting on 8 standard Demandbase organizational dimensions such as Company Name, Industry and Revenue Range.
  • Lets you include an additional 8 optional Demandbase dimensions of your choice. These can include Account Watch dimensions.
  • Includes the use of Demandbase dimensions to build and apply segments across the Adobe Experience Cloud.
  • Offers report suite variable optimization. All 16 possible Demandbase dimensions can be captured using only 2 custom conversion variables (eVars).
  • Lets you send integrated Demandbase dimensions to Adobe Target for use in targeting to specific audiences.

Integration Prerequisites

Calls out key prerequisites for Adobe and Demandbase customers.

Prerequisites for Adobe Customers

  • Must be a current customer of Adobe Analytics.
  • Must be an Adobe Experience Cloud admin user with permissions to enable Data Connectors.
  • Must have at least 1 available and enabled eVar variable within your report suite. A second eVar is optional.

Prerequisites for Demandbase Customers

  • Must be a current customer of Demandbase.
  • Must have a valid Demandbase API key that is licensed for Analytics.
  • Optional: Must have a valid Demandbase API key that is licensed for Content Personalization. This is required only if you intend to activate the integrated Demandbase dimensions within Adobe Target.

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