End-of-life for Adobe Data Connectors

Data connectors let you import tracking data from third-party applications into Analytics, so you can gather and use data from one central location. If you use one of the partner products, you can create an integration that imports the application data into marketing reports. Once integrated, you can generate reports that include data from your application.

Our Data Connectors Service will be discontinued in approximately 12-18 months (summer 2021 to end of 2021).

Why are we end-of-lifing this feature?

This feature is powered by legacy technology that is no longer viable or supported. We have a new standard in the Adobe Exchange Partner Program that should be adopted for any integrations that wish to continue to be offered and supported.

The official end-of-life date is still to be determined, but we anticipate it to be in the next 12-18 months (in other words, summer 2021 to end of 2021).

How does removal of this feature impact you?

If you are an Adobe Partner, you will be given the chance to tell us if you will migrate or discontinue your integration. Details on migrating your integration to our new Adobe Exchange program can found here in our documentation.

If you are a Data Connector customer and want to request that the integration you use should be migrated, you should route all requests directly to the Integration Partner. Sending a request to Adobe via Customer Care will not have the same desired effect.

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