Deploying the Integration

Deploying this integration is a simple process that requires the following actions:

Complete the Adobe Integration Wizard

Steps to complete the integration wizard in the Data Connectors interface.

  1. Navigate to the Data Connectors (formerly Genesis) area within the Adobe Experience Cloud.

  2. Launch the ContactLab integration wizard.

  3. Choose the desired Report Suite and provide a name for the integration.

  4. Configure the following items:

    Item Description
    Email address The primary contact’s email address
    Description (Optional) Description for this integration setup
  5. Configure the following Variable Mappings items:

    Item Description
    Link ID Select an eVar for collecting Link ID’s in real time.
    Message ID Select an eVar for collecting Message ID’s in real time.
    Recipient ID Select an eVar for collecting recipient ID’s in real time.
    Bounces Select a numeric event to receive daily bounces from ContactLab.
    Sent Select a numeric event to receive daily sends from ContactLab.
    Clicked Select a numeric event to receive daily total clicks from ContactLab.
    Opened Select a numeric event to receive daily total opens from ContactLab.
    Unsubscribed Select a numeric event to receive daily unsubscribes from ContactLab.
  6. Enable data access and configure data collection.

    1. Rename classifications as needed.
    2. Partner segments are standard remarketing segments that are included in your integration.
    3. Under Your Segments, select any custom segments that you would like to include in this integration. You can create additional custom segments under the admin panel.
    4. Under Access Requests, check the box to allow product information to be exported to ContactLab in daily remarketing segments.
    5. Rename calculated metrics as needed.
    6. Configure whether you will collect ID’s by manually updating your Analytics collection code or by using the automated solution. If you select Automated Solution, you must include the parameters that are used in email links to pass ID’s.
  7. Review all configuration items and click Activate Now.

Verify the Integration

View your ContactLab integration setup within the Adobe Experience Cloud

  1. View the integration activity log.
    1. In the Adobe Experience Cloud, navigate to Support > Integration Activity Log.

    2. Look for entries like Classification Data imported successfully, Metrics Data imported successfully, and Metric Data exported successfully. These entries should appear within 1 day of successful deployment.

  2. View your reporting data within Adobe Analytics.
    1. Navigate to Custom Conversion > Custom Conversion 1-10 > Message ID Reports.

    2. Look for ContactLab reporting. This data should appear within 24-48 hours of successful deployment.

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