appFigures Data Connector for Adobe Analytics


We will be end-of-lifing the Adobe Data Connector technology on August 1, 2021. Learn more…

This Adobe data connectors integration combines the power of the appFigures integrated mobile app store analytics and the direct app tracking of Adobe Analytics to create powerful analytics and optimization opportunities for your organization.

In the world of mobile apps, the most important performance metrics are split between two data sets:

  • The user behavior you can track directly.
  • The activity only visible to the app stores.

By combining these two Analytics data sets, you can have a complete picture of how your apps are creating value for your organization.

Key Benefits and Features

This integration offers the following key benefits.

  • Automated daily syncing of app store dimensions and metrics between appFigures and Adobe Analytics.
  • Historic data backfill for up to 13 months prior to integration activation. Please contact appFigures if you had any previous integration with the App Store data provider to avoid overlap.
  • Dedicated variables for app store data, so you do not need to use custom commerce variables and events.

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