Visitor ID

Visitor IDs can be integrated by selecting the Generic (Transaction ID) category.

See Integrate Offline Data.

Visitor ID Dimensions

Column Name Description
Visitor ID (Required) Unique value that represents a customer in both the online and offline systems.
Date Use the following date format: MM/DD/YYYY/hh/mm/ss (for example, 07/14/2017/06/00/00)
Tracking Code Tracking code name.
Category Category name. If you specify a category, then you must also select a product.
Channel Channel name.
eVarn eVarn name. Valid values for n are whole number 1 - 75.
Product Product name.
State State name.
Zip Zip name.

Visitor ID Metrics

Column Name Description
Clickthroughs Number of tracking code views.
Cart Adds Number of cart additions.
Cart Opens Number of cart opens.
Cart Removes Number of cart removals.
Cart Views Number of cart views.
Checkouts Number of checkouts.
Event n Number of times event n occurred. Valid values for n are whole number 1 - 100. If you specify a View event, you must also specify the corresponding data dimension (eVar). For example, if you include eVar2 views, then you must list eVar2 with a value.
eVarn Views Number of times eVar n was viewed. Valid values for n are whole number 1 - 75.
Price Product price.
Orders Number of orders placed.
Product Views Number of product views.
Quantity Number of units sold.

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