The doPlugins variable acts as a ‘last call’ to set values in your implementation. If usePlugins is enabled, it automatically runs just before any type of image request is compiled and sent to Adobe, including:

  • All page view (t()) calls
  • All link tracking (tl()) calls, including automatic download links and exit links

Use the doPlugins variable to call plug-in code and set final variable values just before an image request is compiled and sent to Adobe.

Plug-ins using tags in Adobe Experience Platform

There is not a dedicated field in the Data Collection UI to use this variable. Use the custom code editor, following AppMeasurement syntax.

s.doPlugins in AppMeasurement and custom code

Set the s.doPlugins variable to a function containing desired code. The function automatically runs when you make a tracking call.

s.doPlugins = function() {/* Desired code */};

Set a function to the doPlugins variable only once in your implementation. If you set the doPlugins variable more than once, only the most recent code is used.


// Set eVar1 to the web page's title
s.doPlugins = function() {
  s.eVar1 = window.document.title;

// Use the getPreviousValue plug-in (requires plug-in code outside the function)
s.doPlugins = function() {
  s.eVar1 = s.getPreviousValue(s.pageName,'gpv_pn');

Previous versions of AppMeasurement had slightly different doPlugins() code. Adobe recommends using the above format as a best practice.

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