Field descriptions for the Cookies global settings used for deploying Dynamic Tag Management in Adobe Analytics.

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Element Description
Visitor ID

Unique value that represents a customer in both the online and offline systems.

Visitor Namespace

Variable to identify the domain with which cookies are set.

Domain Periods

The domain on which the Analytics cookie s_cc and s_sq are set by determining the number of periods in the domain of the page URL. This variable is also used by some plug-ins in determining the correct domain to set the plug-in's cookie.

FP Domain Periods

The fpCookieDomainPeriods variable is for cookies set by JavaScript ( s_sq, s_cc, plug-ins) that are inherently first-party cookies, even if your implementation uses the third-party or domains.

See s.fpCookieDomainPeriods.

Transaction ID

Unique value that represents an online transaction that resulted in offline activity.

Cookie Lifetime

Determines the life span of a cookie.

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