Build a report for a Data Warehouse request


Some of the Data Warehouse features described in this article (and other Data Warehouse articles in this section) are available only in the Limited Testing phase of release and might not be available yet in your environment.

For information about which features are not yet available for all customers, as well as for information about the release timeline of these features, see the release notes.

This note will be removed when the functionality is generally available. For information about the Analytics release process, see Adobe Analytics feature releases.

There are various configuration options available when creating a Data Warehouse request. The following information describes how to build a report for the request.

For information about how to begin creating a request, as well as links to other important configuration options, see Create a Data Warehouse request.

To build a report for a Data Warehouse request:

  1. Begin creating a request in Adobe Analytics by selecting Tools > Data Warehouse > Add.

    For additional details, see Create a Data Warehouse request.

  2. On the New Data Warehouse request page, select the Build your report tab.

    Build report tab

  3. Drag any segments, metrics, and dimensions into the builder. The report you build determines what data is included in the Data Warehouse request.

  4. Continue configuring your Data Warehouse request on the Report destination tab. For more information, see Configure a report destination for a Data Warehouse request.

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