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Scheduled Analysis Workspace projects can be managed under Analytics > Components > Scheduled Projects.

When you manage scheduled projects, you can edit and delete recurring project schedules:

  • Change the file type (.csv or PDF)
  • Update the project description
  • Add or remove recipients
  • Change the frequency

To modify a scheduled project

  1. Select Analytics > Components > Scheduled Projects.
  2. Search for a schedule in the search bar or by using the filter options in the left rail. You can filter by Tags, Owners, Favorites, and more.

Screenshot showing the scheduled projects list with the column displaying title, owner, tags, delivered to, and other columns described in the Available columns section.

Available columns

Field Description
Favorites Selecting the star icon makes this schedule a favorite.
Schedule ID This ID is used mainly for debugging purposes.
Title and description Title and description of this project.
Owner The person who created and owns the project.
Tags (optional) Tagging is a good way to organize projects. All users can create tags and apply one or more tags to a project. However, you can see tags only for those projects that you own or that have been shared with you.
Delivered to The recipient(s) of this scheduled project.
Expiration date For any scheduled project frequency, you can set the expiration date for up to one year in the future.
Frequency How often you want to have this schedule project sent to the recipient(s).
Execution time At what time of day this scheduled project gets sent.
Number of queries The number of queries against this project.

Common actions

The following are common actions in the Scheduled Projects manager:

Action Description
Edit Select the title of the schedule to update its delivery settings.
Delete Select the scheduled project in the list and then click Delete from the menu. This will delete the selected schedule for the project; the project itself will not be deleted.
Tag Select the scheduled project in the list and then choose “Tag” or “Approve” to organize your schedules and make them easier to search for.
View failed schedules Navigate to the left rail > Other filters > Failed to see schedules that have failed.
View expired schedules Navigate to the left rail > Other filters > Expired to see schedules that have expired. Click the title of the schedule to setup a new delivery schedule.
View schedule ID Navigate to column options in the top right and add the Schedule ID column to the table. The scheduled ID is often useful for debugging.

The Scheduled Projects manager shows the items that a specific user created. If the user account is disabled in the application, all scheduled deliveries stop. Scheduled project ownership can be transferred to a new user under Admin > Analytics Users & Assets > Transfer Assets.

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