Average page depth

The ‘Average page depth’ metric shows how far in a given visit the dimension item is at. For example, your home page would typically show a smaller average page depth than your purchase confirmation page, which would typically be further in a visit. This metric is helpful when you want to understand how many pages in a given dimension item sits on average. You can use this information to optimize certain pages toward fresh visitors if the page as a low depth on average.


Use this metric alongside another metric (such as Visits) to obtain better insights. If you use this metric by itself, you get dimension items containing anomaly page depths, which is typically not valuable.

How this metric is calculated

The first page of a visit has a page depth of 0. The next page has a page depth of 1, and increases each page view until the end of the visit. This metric only increases with page view (t()) calls, and not link tracking (tl()) calls.

For a given dimension item, add all page depths for that dimension item, and divide it by visits. The resulting number is the average page depth, rounded to the nearest integer. Dimension items with an average page depth of 0 means it was frequently on the first page of the visit.

For example, consider the following example visit:

Page1 > Page2 > Page2 > Page3 > Page4 > Page2

If we wanted average page depth for the dimension item Page2, it would be calculated as follows:

If 'Count repeat instances' is enabled:
(1 + 2 + 5) / 3 = 2.67, rounded up to 3

If 'Count repeat instances' is disabled:
(1 + 4) / 2 = 2.5, rounded up to 3

If you want to see average page depth with a decimal place, create a calculated metric using this metric as the only element within the formula. Increase the decimal places in the calculated metric to the desired decimal.

Percentages above 100%

This metric frequently contains percentages above 100%. The denominator is the entire dimension’s average page depth, and the numerator is the dimension item’s average page depth. If the entire dimension’s average page depth is lower than a given dimension item’s average page depth, you’ll see percentages above 100%. Sorting ranked reports by this metric shows anomaly average page depth values, which is typically not valuable. Adobe recommends sorting by another metric, such as Visits, in ranked reports.

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