Classification Set Manager

The Classification Set Manager allows you to create, edit or delete classification sets.


This feature will be available to all customers who have their report suites migrated to the new Classifications architecture. Please contact Adobe Customer Care or your Account Manager for more information.

Components > Classification sets > Sets

Classification Sets consist of Subscriptions (Report Suites that this Classification Set applies to) and Classification Names (The additional dimensions containing classification data).

Filter Classification Sets

The left side of the Classification Set Manager provides filter settings to locate the desired Classification Set. Clicking the filter icon toggles the filter settings visibility. You can filter Classification Sets by Tags, Report suite, or Owner.

Classification set filters

Classification Set Manager columns

The following columns are available in the Classification Set Manager:

  • Classification Set: The Classification Set name. Click a Classification Set name to edit its settings.
  • Subscriptions: The number of subscriptions, or number of Report Suites that this Classification Set applies to.
  • Owner: The owner of the Classification Set.
  • Classifications: The number of classification dimensions that the Classification Set contains.
  • Last Modified: The date and time that the Classification Set was last modified.

Create or edit options

The following buttons are available in the Classification Set Manager:

  • Add: Create a Classification Set.
  • Search by title: Search for Classification Sets by name.
  • Load more: The Classification Set Manager initially displays up to 1000 Classification Sets. Click this button to load 1000 more Classification Sets.
  • Show/Hide columns: Toggle visibility for any column besides Classification Set.

Select one or more Classification Sets by clicking the checkbox next to the desired Classification Set. Selecting a Classification Set reveals the following options:

  • Tag: Add one or more tags to the selected Classification Set(s), which allows you to organize or group Classification Sets to make them easier to locate in the future.
  • Rename: Rename the selected Classification Set.

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