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Last update: 2022-02-17
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Explains the three Product Compatibility options.

When you create calculated or advanced calculated metrics in the Calculated Metric Builder, your metric will show as compatible with 1 or more options: Current Data, Fully Processed Data, or Marketing Channel Reports.

Compatible with Description
Current Data The Include Current Data option in Adobe Analytics lets you view the latest Analytics data, often before data is fully processed and finalized. Current Data displays most metrics within minutes, providing actionable data for quick decision making. Current Data supports calculated metrics only (those that include multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.) Current Data does not support advanced calculated metrics (that contain segments or functions).
Fully Processed Data Data that is fully processed and includes segments and classifications. If you would rather view all metrics after the data is fully processed, you can disable Current Data by removing users from the Current Data Users group.
Marketing Channel Reports Metrics with first-touch allocation are compatible only with Marketing Channel reports.

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