Calculated metrics manager

The Calculated metrics page offers many ways of curating metrics, such as sharing, filtering, tagging, approving, copying, deleting, and marking as favorites.

The Calculated metrics page shows you all the segments you own and that have been shared with you. Admin-level users can see all custom metrics in the organization.

Access the Calculated metrics manager

  1. In Adobe Analytics, select Components > Calculated metrics.

Areas of the Calculated metrics manager

The following image and accompanying table explain some of the main areas and features of the Calculated metrics manager.

Location in image Name and function
1 Calculated metrics manager toolbar: After you select a metric, this toolbar appears. Most management tasks can be completed from this toolbar.
2 Filter: You can filter by tags, report suites, owners, all (admin only), shared with me, mine, favorites, and approved (admin only).
3 Select boxes: Select a custom metric in order to manage it.
4 Favorites: Selecting the star next to a metric marks the metric as a favorite.
5 Segment titles and descriptions: These values are provided in the Calculated metric builder. To edit the title and description, select the title link to open the Calculated metric builder.
6 Report suite: Indicates in which report suite the metric was last saved.
7 Owner: Indicates who owns the custom metric. As a non-admin, you can see only metrics you own or those that were shared with you.
8 Tags: Shows tags that were applied to the metric, either by you or by people who shared the segment with you.
9 Shared with: Lists individuals or groups (admin only) or All (admin only) that you shared the segment with.
10 Column selector: Lets you select or deselect columns in the Calculated metrics page so that you can customize the view.
Not shown in image Date modified: Indicates the date when the custom metric was last modified.

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