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Conversion ratios usually measure conversion between the starting, ending, and milestone events or points of a conversion process. After you code the success events onto your site, the report creates the ratios between these different success events and show them in a Conversion Funnel Report.

The following funnel reports are available:

  • Purchase Conversion Funnel: Shows Visits (Report-Specific), Carts, Orders, Units, and Revenue.
  • Cart Conversion Funnel: Displays Visits (Report-Specific), Carts, Checkouts, Orders, and Revenue.
  • Custom Event Funnel: Displays custom events on your site. It shows custom events 1-5 by default.
  • Campaign Conversion Funnel: Shows Click-Throughs, Checkouts, Orders, and Revenue.

This report is also customizable so that you can add Custom Conversion Events to the Conversion Funnel to see if visitors to your site make it from one step to the next. Success events are good candidates for this type of analysis if they almost always occur in a specific order. For example, on a retail site, success events generally occur in this order:

  1. Product Views
  2. Cart Additions
  3. Checkouts
  4. Purchases

The report table shows statistics for average sales per click-through, and average units sold per click-through. You can add metrics and custom events from other reporting groups to these reports. These funnels have many similarities but are based on different variables and events. You can use these reports to see what percentages and general trends of users fire specific events you specify. You can see where users are not following through to events, which provides insight to that specific point in the conversion process.


Instances in the context of these reports equates to the total number of visits where an eVar or event was defined.

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