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Effective December 31, 2023, Adobe intends to discontinue Reports & Analytics and its accompanying reports and features. At that time, Reports & Analytics and all of its reports and schedules will stop working. The reports, visualizations and underlying technology that power Reports & Analytics no longer meet Adobe’s technology standards. Most Reports & Analytics features are available within Analysis Workspace. For information about using reports in Analysis Workspace, see Use pre-built reports.

Since the release of Analysis Workspace in 2015, Reports & Analytics functionality and capabilities have been moved to Analysis Workspace and a threshold of workflow parity has been reached. This notice explains the end-of-life process.

Read more about the Reports & Analytics End-of-life announcement.

Filters allow you to narrow the report to include or exclude line items that match a filter.

Simple Filter

The simple filter appears on most reports to let you quickly find specific line items. Simple filters do not use any special characters, so -, ", ', + and other special characters match the literal value in the report. You can find line items that contain multiple terms using a space.

For example:

help search

Matches the following pages:

help:Paid Search Detection
help:Configure paid search detection
help:Search Keywords Report
help:Internal Search Term

Advanced Filters

Advanced filters let you control the scope of your search using a collection of filters. You can select to match all filters, or any filters.


Matches if the term is found anywhere in the line item. This operates the same as the simple filter.


Spaces cannot be used in filters, because spaces are delimiters in searches

Does not contain

Matches if the term is not found anywhere in the line item. You can filter “unspecified”, “none”, “keyword unavailable” and other special values from reports using “does not contain”.

Does not contain: none

For a more exact filter, you can use an Advanced (Special Characters) filter:

  • Advanced (Special Character): -^none$
  • Advanced (Special Character): -"keyword unavailable"

For example, the following line item is filtered by the “Does not contain” criteria, but is not filtered by the “Advanced (Special Character)” criteria:

help:Rename the None classification key

Contains One Of

Matches if any terms, separated by spaces, are found in the line item. The following filter shows all pages that contain “mens” or “sale”:

Contains One Of: mens sale

Matches the following pages:

Mens:Desk & TravelJewelry & Accessories:Accessories:Hats:Mens
Sale & Values


Matches if the entire line item, including spaces and other characters, match the specified phrase.

Equals: mens:desk & travel

Mens:Desk & Travel

Starts With

Matches if the line item, including spaces and other characters, starts with the specified phrase.

Starts With: mens

Matches the following pages:

Mens:Desk & Travel
Mens Perfume Spray
Mens Hemp/Bamboo Flip Flops

Ends With

Matches if the line item, including spaces and other characters, ends with the specified phrase.

Ends With: jean

Matches the following pages:

Bell Bottom Jean
Velvet Dream Skinny Leg Jean
Dark Slimmer Jean
Bling Belt High Waist Jean
Ocean Blue Jean

Advanced (Special Character)

Advanced let you perform wildcard and other complex searches.

Advanced (Special Character) Description
" " Match exact phrase.
* Wild card, greedy matching.
For example, r*p matches “Registration Signup”.
^ Starts with.
Do not include a space between the special character and the search phrase.
$ Ends with.
Do not include a space between the special character and the search phrase.
- Not.
Do not include a space between the special character and the search phrase.
` `

Create report-specific filters

You can create filters for reports.

Certain reports contain a filter that is specific to that report. For example, a Purchase Conversion Funnel Report lets you filter by web pages. A Geosegmentation Report lets you filter by geographical region. Additional reports have other filters specific to those reports.

When you access these filters, you can see report metrics for the items specified in the list.

To create report-specific filters:

  1. Generate a report, such as a Purchase Report ( Site Metrics > Purchases > Purchase Conversion Funnel).
  2. In the report header, click the Filter link.
  3. On the Filter Selector page, click Apply a Filter, then select a filter type.
  4. To search for an item, type a character string in the Search field.
  5. Click OK.

Add a correlation filter

Certain reports let you add custom correlation filters. For example, if you are viewing the Pages Report for a report suite that has Site Sections correlated with a Women’s page, you can create a filter rule that generates a report showing the most popular pages when Site Sections = Women.

You can filter the data shown in a correlation report using any available correlation. The example here shows how you add a search engine correlation filter.

To add a correlation filter:

  1. Run a report that supports correlations. (See Running a Breakdown Report.)
  2. In the report header, click the Correlation Filter link.
  3. Under Filter Rule Creator, select a category to correlate with an item.
  4. Click OK.

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