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Use breakdowns when you want to know more about how a report item or segment relates to other reports. This is often called “breaking down” a report by another report.

An example is a breakdown of a custom traffic report called Age Group, in which you have gathered site visitors’ ages from a survey. This report allows you to see which age group is responsible for the most traffic on your site. However, if you have gone to the trouble of capturing something like the age of a visitor, you might want to know about more than just page views. You can generate a breakdown report about which search engine they use, what keywords they use, or where they are located geographically. You are correlating the age group and the search engine.

If you break down a report by Referrer Type, you might see a data point for Inside Your Site. This value indicates a referrer page that is on the Internal URL Filters list. See Internal URL Filters in the Admin Reference.

You can break down any Analytics variable (eVar or prop) by any other variable. The Breakdown By menu in the report table matches the standard Analytics reporting menu, keeping selections consistent

Run a breakdown report

To run a breakdown report:

  1. Open report, such as Analytics > Reports > Site Content > Pages.

  2. In the report table, click the Breakdown By icon.

    If the Breakdown By icon is not visible, the feature is either not available or not enabled.

    The Breakdown By menu displays all available breakdown options available for the current report.

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