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Last update: 2023-11-30
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Bookmarks give you access to the reports that you use the most. The bookmarks you create are added to the Experience Cloud and are available in integrated capabilities like data connectors.

Create a bookmark

This procedure describes how to create a bookmark.

  1. Run a report, then click Bookmark..

    Name A user friendly name for this bookmark.
    Add to Specifies the folder in which you want to place the bookmark.
    Make Public Makes this bookmark available for users with access to the report suite.
    Display report upon login Displays the report when you log in.

Manage bookmarks

After you create report bookmarks, you can manage them in the Bookmark Manager. You can edit, delete, and organize your bookmarks and folders from a central location.

Analytics > Components > All components > Bookmarks.

My Bookmarks

Element Description

Creates a bookmark folder. Select the bookmark before clicking this option. You cannot create subfolders.

Deletes a bookmark folder. Select the bookmark before clicking this option.

Sorts a bookmark folder.

Lets you edit a bookmark. You can rename the bookmark and specify the bookmark folder in which you want the report to display. You can also specify whether you want the bookmark to display at login.

Deletes a bookmark.

Lets you know that this bookmark is scheduled for delivery. Click this option to configure the schedule, using Advanced Delivery Options.

Public Bookmarks

Element Description
Make Public

Specifies that the bookmark is public. These bookmarks appear as a shared bookmark in Public Bookmarks.

Copy Me

Makes a copy of the bookmarks and places it in a default folder in the Bookmarks column.

On Menu

Places the bookmarked report on the marketing report menu on the landing page.


Edits the bookmark name.

Make Private

Makes a public bookmark private.

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